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What is SuperBlock?

Superblock is a building material that combines lightweight with high strength and provides a number of advantages over alternative building materials through superior properties such as thermal insulation, acoustic dampening and fire resistance. Superblock is manufactured from cement, lime and sand which are all acquired from the local market, and are mixed with water to form a slurry,then Aluminum powder is added, which is the only raw material imported The aluminum powder reacts with lime to form millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles which expand the mixture and then diffuse from the material to be replaced by air. This process forms the micro - cellular structure, which gives the material its lightweight and excellent insulation.

To form individual blocks, prior to complete setting, the large moulds of Superblock are cut to form 2' x 3' x 4" blocks using a precision mechanized steel wire culling system. Once cut, the Superblock is cured in high pressure steam autoclaves bringing them to full concrete strength in 12 hours. Besides being extremely lightweight and economical in working conditions, it has a high strength to weight ratio, dimensional accuracy, easily worked, rapid construction, thermal insulation, sound insulation, low density, low shrinkage, environment friendly and excellent fire resistant - qualities, no other walling material can match.

The main ingredients of Superblock are sand, lime and cement - which constitute 99% of the volume. The balance of 1% is aluminum paste which gives the product its lightweight character. Three forth volume of Superblock constitutes of air.

Superblock, with its unmatchable qualities like faster, better, more cost efficient and the most important "no come back job", stands out to be a perfect replacement for the normally used red clay brick for construction. Use of Superblock actively reduces cost of construction by minimizing utilization of labor, construction material and total construction time. In all, it reduces the total overhead cost for all the concerned parties: the Developers, Engineers, Contractors and the work load of labors.

Production Technology

4 th grade autoclaved aerated concrete have been manufactured by using the machines which have been built by the technology of Wehrhahn, Germany. These machines are wide spread and gain the popularity among autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturers in 48 countries all over globe for more than 60 years. As a result, high quality autoclaved aerated concrete has been manufactured by the company and has been accepted according to the international standard. Presently, the company is the leader in manufacturing and supplying 4 th grade autoclaved aerated concrete which can be considered as the highest quality autoclaved aerated concrete in Thailand.

“Superblock” autoclaved aerated concrete has the distinguished properties in the quality aspect as the followings;

  1. Heat prevention and fire resistant; the test revealed that the wall built from “Superblock” autoclaved aerated concrete can resist the fire for 4 hours and act as the heat insulation 6 times better than bricks or CMU.
  2. Keep cool; which will help to reduce the temperature and the heat within the building as well as save the energy in the long run.
  3. The compressive strength is superior to bricks or CMU by which the strength of at least 50 kg per square cm should be obtained or “Superblock” standard size of 20 x 60 x 7.5 cm can bear the load of at least 18 tons.
  4. Lighter in weight; by the weight of just 90 kg per square meters (including 2 sides plastering) which is 2 times lighter than bricks or CMU's, autoclaved aerated concrete can help to save basic foundation expenses and the structure of the building.
  5. Precise product dimension; which will be easy to work with, ease the plastering process and rapidly, crack related problems can be avoided and reduce the plastering cement quantities
  6. Can be easily cut and can be laid 3 times faster than traditional blocks.
  7. Superior sound insulation.

Why SuperBlock?

  1. Fire protection - SuperBlock has a 4hr burn
  2. Insulation - SuperBlock insulation qualities are equal to R60. Because it has millions of tiny air bubbles, those air bubbles trap the heat and prevent it from traveling through the block, keeping you structure cooler on the inside.
  3. Strength - Inside each SuperBlock is a welded steal mesh structure
  4. Water Resistant – Superblock has a very low moisture absorption rate which makes it perfect for wet climates
  5. Pest Resistant – Termites will not attack SuperBlock
What Size are the SuperBlocks?

What Does SuperBlock replace in a building?

  1. SuperBlock is to be used in wall construction; it most importantly replaces inferior wood as a building product.
  2. SuperBlock in its self will replace; Siding, 2x4's, insulation (which most building don't get in Hawaii), Drywall and even nails.

What is the Procedure for installing SuperBlock?

It's as simple at that, Our building system makes it easy for an owner builder to build or quicker for a contractor with a crew. Contact us today for more info on SuperBlock, the best building system on the market!

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